b'BATTERIESTRP supply Engineered accordingto OE specifications High starting power VARTA batteriesand long service lifeExcellent performancespecificallyin all circumstancesReliability for thedesigned forTRP offers a complete and high-quality range oflowest operating costbatteries. TRP batteries are designed, tested and Complete range formanufactured in line with OE specifications. TRP leisure vehicles batteries will offer you the best battery solution everyones needsfor every application. TRP, Quality you can trust! 2 year warrantywith numerous devicesDEEP TRPBATTERY VEHICLE BATTERY VIBRATION SERVICE STARTINGrequiring additionalTYPE APPLICATIONS TECHNOLOGY RESISTANCE LIFE DISCHARGING POWER AH CCA LENGTH WIDTH HEIGHT PART RESISTANCE NUMBERenergy demand TRP Xtreme Super Heavy 225 1.150 518 276 242 1528608Power SHD duty Truck Calcium-Maintenance Long Distance Silver 180 1.000 513 223 223 1528607Free Comfort Adding 140 720 513 189 223 1528606ProductsTRP Semi Sleeper CabTraction Tail LiftAntimony 230 - 518 276 242 1526997Low Comfort Adding 180 - 513 223 223 1526996 Maintenance ProductsTRP Super Medium & Heavy 225 1.150 518 276 242 1526995Heavy Duty Duty Truck Calcium- 170 1.000 513 223 223 1526993Low Medium & Long Antimony 140 760 513 189 215 1526991Maintenance DistanceTRP Standard Light Commercial Calcium-Maintenance Vehicle Silver 725 720 345 172 2851526990FreeThe current trend in campervans shows no sign of slowing down, and all include a range of electrical devices like LED lights, hi-specMost effectiveLatest Enhanced interiors with TVs, sound systems,solution for highFlooded Battery fully equipped kitchens and airThe unique VARTA Promotive energy demands(EFB) technologyconditioning units together with aEFB is the most effective batteryincluding hoteling for a longer life timeever for high energy demandingand highest vibration Excellent vibration number of navigational electronicscommercial vehicles. Unmatchedrequirements resistant - designed and communication devices.Provides up to 40%for end of frame performance merges with thelonger life installationThe new Professional Dual Purpose EFBhighest vibration resistance toPrevents downtime Maximum capacity from Varta is designed for both starting andprovide absolute reliability and Superior vibration for maximum deep cycle applications, ideal for the leisurea longer life. resistance performancemarket with essential energy demands. for the truck driverMade in Germany The EFB technology supports state of manufactured to 1 00% maintenance charge up to 80% with the LED 95 modelO the highest qualityfreeless work on ORIRIGGIGIINNINAAALLLORand 50% from the LED 190 model upwards.standards the road for theLONGER LIFE VIBRA ORIGINAL MADE IN truck driverLONGER LIFE VIBRA ORIGINAL MADE INLONGER LIFE VIBRATIONTIONTION ORIGINAL MADE INThis makes for up to twice the cyclicRESISTANCE SPARE PART GERMANYRESIST SPARE P GERMANYRESISTANCEANCE SPARE PARARTT GERMANY Original spare stability of conventional flooded batteries.OE-quality andpartthe largest manufacturers trusttested batteries - High starting capacity this product 3 years warranty Long service lifeRobust and durable quality withprotection against vibration CALL US FOR A GRATPRICEEvery effort has been made to ensure correct parts and application details are shown throughout this mailer. However, as parts are constantly updated and subject to change please check with your dealer at point of purchase. Parts offered subject to availability. Some applications are covered by multiple part numbers. Please check with your dealer if you require a quote for an alternative part. Images are for illustration purposes only. If you do not wish to continue receiving this mailer from your local DAF & TRP dealer, please return the mailer to the sender clearly marked return to sender, or contact your local DAF dealer and request to be removed from future mailing lists. Dealer contact details are shown on this mailer.'