b'TORQUE ISSUE 72021 DAVID HOWESParts Marketing ManagerDAF Trucks UKASK US FOR A COPY OF OURAs 2021 draws to a close andWINTER the busiest time of the year for hauliers approaches, it paysfor our fleets to be in tip-topESSENTIALScondition and prepared for whatever the winter period brings.No-one can have failed to notice the climate change debateBROCHUREtaking place across the world and in some ways perhaps wePACKED WITH WINTER & should brace ourselves for the unexpected from the greatWORKSHOP CONSUMABLESBritish weather!The TRP range of truck and trailer parts and accessories helps drivers to stay safe whilst on the road during dark winter nights, often driving with limited visibility due to inclement weather. SCREENWASH SIZE TRP PART NUMBERThis issue features our comprehensive range of marker boards and conspicuity tape, all manufactured to a high specification Screenwash -20C Concentratefor maximum reflectivity and adhesion, so you can be seenfrom a distance by other road users. Removes dirt, grime & insects 500ml1541889GFurther safety products from TRP also help improve road Cleans without smearing 1L 1541890 visibility, like spray suppression mudflaps for example, whilst Reduces wiper judder 2L 1541891 our concentrated screenwash prevents freezing down to -20C.High Power concentrate 5L 1541892And for those who undertake continental journeys, new French25L 1541893legislation requires drivers to have a minimum of two snowHelps prevent harmful bacteria 205L 1541894chains on board from November to March. Snow chains are nowReady to use. Helps prevent 1000L (Special order) 1541895available to order through our 24 hour webshop (see oppositefreezing down to -8C page for more details). Screenwash -8C Ready to UseConcentrate preventsTake a browse through the following pages to find informationfreezing down to -20C 5L 1541896on a full range of batteries, torches, antifreeze and jump starters25L1541897 all to help you keep moving this winter. 1000L (Special order) 1541898With over 90,000 parts and counting, TRP has the largest rangeDID YOU KNOW?of parts and consumables for HGV and LCV vehicles and trailersin the UKall available through more locations across the UK1 Our anti-freeze larger packs are 205ltr3 Our anti-freeze protects down to -37C at 50/50 than any other parts supplier.not 199ltr like many suppliers dilutionIn Northern Scotland and Mainland Europe, temperatures often drop below -18, Made up of OE supplier brands and our own TRP branded2 Our anti-freeze is fully concentratedpart diluted anti-freeze will then freezeproducts, all backed by a comprehensive warranty, the TRPmany alternatives are part diluted which range offers a one-stop-shop for parts across the UK, with mostmeans they have a higher freezing point 4 Our fully concentrated anti-freeze can belocations offering multiple daily deliveries and an emergency32% cheaper than part diluted anti-freezeVOR service.at comparable dilutionSo why not make us your parts partner this winter? Contact your local dealer for competitive prices and free ANTI-FREEZE SIZE TRP PART NUMBERdelivery detailsyoull find their address on the front page.Anti-Freeze Blue Coolant1L 1541870WEVE GOT THE5L 154187120L 1542009PARTS YOU NEED 205L 1541873ALL AT COMPETITIVE1000L (Special order) 1541874PRICES! Ready-Mix 1000L (Special order) 1541875Anti-Freeze OAT Red Coolant1L 1541876As your local DAF dealer, we are part of the 5L 1541877largest network of truck dealers in the UK, andwe use economies of scale to offer quality parts 20L 1542010at competitive prices, together with industry205L 1541879leading off-the-shelf availability for thousands of1000L (Special order) 1541880partsoften by multiple daily deliveries, makingAnti-Freeze H-OAT Green Coolantsure you get the parts you need when you wantBLUE OATRED 1L 1541881them. Moreover, we have experienced parts staff Suitable for use in diesel Suitable for use in diesel who use state-of-the-art parts identificationand petrol engines and petrol engines 5L 1541882software so when you order a part, we deliverAmine FreeAmine Free 25L 1541883the right one first time, minimising downtimeand maximising your efficiency.Phosphate Free Phosphate & Nitrite Free 205L 1541884Nitrite Free Borax & Silicate FreeAnti-Freeze Si-OAT Purple CoolantTRPParts_UK TRP Parts UK 1L 1541885H-OATGREEN SI-OATPURPLEA hybrid OAT anti-freezeLatest generation coolant5L 1541886suitable for mixed fleetusing Silicated Organic25L 1541887If you run a fleet, or repairLET UStrucks and trailers, we canapplications Acid Inhibitor Technology 205L 1541888QUOTEbe an invaluable business partner, ensuring you keepYOU A PRICE the trucks and trailers you ISSUE SEVENrepair on the road, and helping TODAY! you sleep easier at night!'