b'Durite Durite ELECTRICALSBattery tester Jump StartersThis Durite 12/24v BatteryWhen the cold weather hits,Tester with Start Chargea Durite Booster Pack could Analyser is maintenance freeprove to be worth its weight and suitable for use on allin gold!Portable, small and lead-acid automotivecompact with self-contained battery booster that can start Batteries including: wet cell,12/24v vehicles in seconds.lead/calcium, sealed,Deep cycle, AGM, Gel . FEATURESLithium Polymer Booster Packs Built in 37mm thermal printerLatest battery technologyMicroprocessor controlledCharge from mainsFor all lead-acid or 12v DC lighter socketautomotive BatteriesStarts vehicles up to 16 Litres Digital battery so you can easilysee how much power is left Long and consistent battery life LED work light/SOS light 2 USB outputTHE TRP ELECTRICAL COILElectrical Coils RANGE INCLUDES:EBS Coils3.0m & 4.0m Reflexallen EcoFlex compact coilsThe TRP parts programme offers7-Core Normal & Supplementary Coilsin 3.0; 3.5; 4.0 & 4.5m working lengths CALL US a comprehensive and high-quality with moulded or plastic plugsrange of Electrical Coils fromReflexallen and also TRPs own1 5 to 7 Core Adaptor Coils in 3.0;3.5; 4.0 & 4.5m working lengthsFOR APPLICATION brand product. with moulded or plastic plugsAND PRICING DETAILS 3; 13 & 15 Core coils in 3.0; 3.5;4.0m working lengths with variousplug options AIR BRAKE COILSCOMPACT COIL FLEXI COIL UNI-COIL TRP ECONOMY COIL COILSProprietory polymer 100% Thermoplastic PolyurethaneAdaptable for any truck type Material PA11material formulation (TPU)Strength of nylon polyamide andMeets the performance specificationsManufactured using 100% pure ISO 7375/7628Flexibility of polyurethane of ATE 008 standard PA12 and/or PA11 (Nylon)Fully conforms to latest Plastic or Metal tail supports OE and Aftermarket Burst Pressure 60-79 BarATE 008 standard product for over 30 yearsMeets the performance specificationsTail support protection sleeves, Conforms to DIN 74323; Tested to 10,000 articulations Air Brake Coilsof DIN 74323 and ISO 7375 Red & Yellow with stowage loop DIN 74324; DIN7337840mm ID coil diameter Minimum burst pressure 40 Bar 90mm ID coil diameter Good coil recoveryReduces tangling Permitted operating temperaturesPermitted operating temperatures Reflexallen / TRP Own Brand-40c to +70c -40c to +70cThe TRP parts programme offers a complete andAnti-Kinking M18 Female Fittings Minimum burst pressure 57 Barhigh-quality range of Air Brake Coils for all requirements.Excellent recoil properties 50mm Diameter Excellent recoil propertiesThe range includes the latest generation Compact Coils, Flexi Approved by TUVCert. Coils and Uni-coils from leading manufacturer Reflexallen, and Space efficient Anti-Kinking Number EMA-7.970185378TRPs own brand Economy Coils. Tested to 10,000 articulations Max Operating Pressure of 10 Bar Steel fittings manufactured to thehighest international standardsBurst strength 57 Bar at 23cTested to 10,000 articulations ISSUE SEVEN 5'